In July I met a robot named Miss Peggy


It was at a party where an inventor presented an exhibition on making houses explode. Yes, and the toilet watered the plants. And there was a maze that never ended.

It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a psychotropically induced hallucination. It was Duncan Bell’s Inventions showcase—half open house, half science museum exhibit, a swinging soiree where people can sail off on the Kayakamaran (or at least check out the construction of the double-hulled vessel) or munch nibbles while the grand master explains how everything works.

If you missed it, come to Duncan’s ongoing Arduino class on Tuesday’s at 6:30 at CILK119. He might bring the light-up panties. You might get an invite to the next Inventions fest. And you’ll learn how to make your wildest fantasies into cool Arduino projects.




Invention photos from top to bottom:

Labyrinth Challenge
Teeter Totter Water Stream Divider
Automatic Plant Grower #2