Weekend Crash Course in Making Short Movies!

Laura Shapiro loves digital storytelling and will be offering an intensive workshop in this exciting format on the weekend of April 28-30th at CILK119. She has found that the short movies people create convey personal and profound messages and offer a medium that is extremely accessible.

Laura trained in digital storytelling at StoryCenter, a pioneering organization that promotes digital storytelling and has helped nearly a thousand organizations, and more than 15,000 individuals, share their stories. This vital initiative and the amazing videos that it nurtures, supported Laura’s growing conviction that digital storytelling could be an effective tool for expression and communication. Laura especially appreciates that the medium helps communities to speak to their concerns. People’s stories change the world.

The workshop that Laura will offer will help participants tell their stories and find their voices in this concise, selective art form, using images and sound to offer personal narratives. Workshop participants will identify transformative stories that they want to tell, create scripts, learn simple editing on iMovie, and begin the process of composing their own digital stories. The workshop will start at 7pm on Friday evening April 28th and will run from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th.

An educator, Laura has worked with the New York public city schools and NYC Outward Bound Schools to implement the Expeditionary Learning model, a project-based learning approach. Her digital storytelling clients include: United Hospice of Rockland; Veritas Public School, Queens; Expeditionary School for Community Leaders, Brooklyn; Dr. Albert Pfadt, NYC; and Women’s Digital Storytelling Retreats. She enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds and helping individuals identify the stories that are important to them. Check out her workshop at: http://www.cuppapulp.com/…/digital-story-intensive-with-la…/