Diana Goestch on Free-Writing, Ego & Working with Emotion

Interview by Sylke Jackson

Diana Goetsch returns to Cuppa Pulp Writers’ Space at CILK119 to teach the third installment of the Free-Writing Intensive on Saturday, February 6.

Sylke Jackson: You have mentioned ego and the need to get it out of the way in previous interviews. Recently you’ve come out as a transitioning woman. Do you have any thoughts about how our concepts of ourselves can hold us back or free us to access imagination and perhaps power in our writing? 

Diana Goetsch: William Packard, one of my root teachers, used to say that, while writers aren’t better than anyone else, they do need to know themselves better than most. I agree—in the sense that the more you understand yourself, the more you can put the egotistical urge to “self-express” to rest, and fix your attention on your subject. I’ve always felt the freedom and license to write on any subject under the sun, and now that I’m out to myself and others as a trans woman, I feel even better equipped to do just that.

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