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September 19, 2013–Write-a-thon in two days!

Why did you never tell me?

How often we say this to our children, our parents, our friends and loved ones, when an accidental conversation reveals a long-ago honor, trauma, adventure, or secret. How your grandfather escaped the enemy in World War 2. How your daughter got rejected by a friend or a crush. How the apple-cheeked checkout boy’s family moved here when his family got displaced by a hurricane.

Why did you never tell me?

The answer is often along the lines of, Everyone went through the same thing at that time. Or I was too ashamed. Or even, Who would want to hear about that?

Some writers served by the New York Writers Coalition will grow into artists. Some will just learn that their words matter. Your donation also supports the teachers for the Writers Coalition, who serve disadvantaged students, the elderly, the incarcerated, the ill.

Along with my team, I’ll be devoting 8 hours to the NY Writers Coalition, doing something I’m good at, and incidentally, setting down a story that I imagine a displaced family would have told during World War 2 in the Philippines. I would love to write in honor of your donation!

My team’s donation page is here. Any contribution is gratefully welcomed.

Thank you!

Warmly yours,

Donna Miele

It is difficult
     to get the news from poems,
       yet men die miserably every day
           for lack
of what is found there.

-William Carlos Williams, Asphodel, That Greeny Flower

September 10, 2013–A plea to support underprivileged voices from Cuppa Pulp proprietress Donna Miele:

Dear Cuppa Pulp Readers and Writers,

The NYWC sent me a post card recently, challenging me to Write My A** Off on Saturday, September 21 in a 10-6 write-a-thon to support writing programs for the underprivileged. I read about the write-a-thon here, and also checked out the NYWC’s mission statement and staff profiles. There’s really very little to quibble with. They’re just a decent group of people doing some worthy work, and they need some committed writers to promote their cause.

I could not really say no, since the event coincides with a deadline I set myself to finish a major revision of the novel I’m working on. So I registered, and also posted a team: Team Cuppa Pulp!

Team Cuppa Pulp now needs sponsors. Have you read and been inspired by poetry, articles, stories, and novels by authors with unexpected or new voices? Are you as excited as I am about helping new voices to receive the support they cannot always afford to pursue? Please consider a contribution to help the NYWC. Any donation would be much appreciated.

Click here to offer a donation either via me or the Team, and consider spreading the word to other readers! If you are a writer, you can also join us, either in NYC at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen Library, 20 West 44th St., NYC, NY; in Rockland (location TBA); or at the writing spot of your choice. Remember to register first! Again, we’ll be writing from 10-6 on September 21.

Thank you in advance for supporting the NYWC through Team Cuppa Pulp!

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