Triple Threat Author Panel–Witches, Murderers, and Aliens!

Saturday, October 25 4pm panel discussion on publishing, signing to follow

Right in time for Halloween, authors of crime, paranormal, and science fiction genres share their know-how in the fields of electronic and self publishing. M.A. Marino (Witch Way), C.E. Grundler (No Wake Zone, Last Exit in New Jersey), and Richard Herr (Tales from the StarBoard Café) will elucidate the pros and cons of electronic and self publishing.

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Panel discussion facilitated by Donna Miele, Cuppa Pulp founder, who managed editing and publication of Born Minus: From Shoeshine Boy to News Publisher, An Italian-American Journey, an autobiography of Armand Miele, publisher of the Rockland County Times.

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M. A. Marino, author of Witch Way

M.A. Marino grew up just outside of New York City, spending most of her formative years outdoors creating wild ghost hunts with neighborhood kids, setting booby-traps to capture unwitting family members, and building clubhouses on top of ten-foot walls. Marino has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Marino primarily writes sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, and young adult stories.


Richard Herr, author of Invasion from Fred, Dog and Pony, and Tales from the StarBoard Cafe.

Richard Herr has three books out so far: Invasion From Fred, Dog and Pony, and Tales from the StarBoard Cafe. His books are humorous science fiction or fantasy. Fred is sci-fi and targeted to middle school young people on up to adult. Dog and Pony is urban fantasy that mostly takes place in NYC, so it’s got adult language. StarBoard is sci-fi and is a mosaic novel, a collection of short stories that have a plot running through them.


C. E. Grundler, author of Last Exit in New Jersey and No Wake Zone

C.E. Grundler describes herself: I’m a diesel-driving double-clutching Jersey girl who spends too much time fixing boats and trucks, motoring, sailing, writing, and not behaving according to expectations. I live in northeast New Jersey with my husband, two dogs and assorted cats. Growing up aboard boats, I’ve sailed the region’s waters single-handed since childhood, and done a little of everything from boat restorations and repairs to managing a boatyard and working in commercial marine transportation. My work has been published in Boating on the HudsonOffshore Magazine and DIY Boat Owner Magazine. I divide my time between working on Annabel Lee, my 32-foot trawler, and writing. My novels, Last Exit In New Jersey
and No Wake Zone, are proof of that. I’m currently at work on the third book in the series:  Evacuation Route.

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